Friday, April 03, 2009

Jim Bunning speaks

Sen. Jim Bunning said "Believe me, the bailout plans are not helping the economy get back on track. They are not."

"It's a mess and the new Secretary of the Treasury is making it a bigger mess. And the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is out of control."

Bunning is giving an economics lecture like he did in Richmond and the audience is hanging on every word. (I'm really not exaggerating.)

Bunning got applause while explaining that the Obama Spendathon is not going to help.

Bunning explained that the Obama cap and trade tax on energy will increase costs for everyone.

"You all know me pretty well and how I vote in the U.S. Senate. I'm not anyone's puppet. I'm my own man."

(Pretty big applause here.)

"I am running for a third term in the United States Senate. I know it will be a battle but I am ready for the fight of my life. I vow to you I will do my darndest to represent you in the manner you deserve to be represented and I will do my darndest to kick Danny Mongiardo's butt."

Great speech. Wrong butt.