Friday, August 29, 2008

A view of the madness in Dayton

I was pretty excited to get press credentials for the John McCain/Sarah Palin event in Dayton, Ohio Friday.

Then I realized that meant I had only a so-so view of the screen. So here is a unique view of press row and the backs of 15,000 heads:

From the Wall Street Journal:
"For starters, we'd say Governor Palin's credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama's. Mr. Obama rose through the Chicago Democratic machine without a peep of push-back. Alaska's politics are deeply inbred and backed by energy-industry money. Mr. Obama slid past the kind of forces that Mrs. Palin took head on. This is one reason her selection -- despite its campaign risks -- seems to have been so well received by Republicans yesterday. They are looking for a new generation of leaders."