Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is McCain already affecting policy?

A North Carolina think tank rips Sen. Elizabeth Dole for supporting Sen. Mitch McConnell's Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008 because the bill doesn't open up ANWR and it limits off-shore drilling to beyond fifty miles from the coast.

The John Locke Foundation says:
"Clearly, this legislation is meant to appease the eco-alarmist John McCain, who has always opposed exploration in the ANWR and continues to do so. That is easily explained by his (and Senator Dole's) support for the massive energy tax known as "Cap and Trade," which exposes his real feelings about actually using more oil."

While The Maverick and Sen. McConnell have everyone's attention and most of us agree that we need to agressively pursue our own energy resource, perhaps they should explain to us why this bill leaves so much undone.