Monday, July 28, 2008

Which liar lied last, Stumbo or Beshear?

Here's a great passage deep in Ryan Alessi's Monday column:
"Last week, Beshear said he would stay out of House leadership races and didn't speak to Stumbo about that subject when the two met in Prestonsburg earlier this month."
"But Stumbo had a different recollection."
"“What he asked me was if I was interested in getting back into legislative leadership. And I said, ‘Yeah, I enjoyed it (previously),'” Stumbo said. “Then he asked, ‘If you got back into legislative leadership, would you and I have any problems?' And I said ‘No.'”"

And which issue is at the forefront of this unholy alliance? Is it raising taxes on you, expanding the welfare state one slot machine at a time, or finding fresh, new ways to slap each other on the back while public employee fringe benefits drive us to bankruptcy?