Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's the stupid out-of-control spending

Congress is getting ready to misspend another billion dollars of your money:
"The federal government doesn’t need to spend more money on infrastructure. The 2005 highway bill, for example, increased funding by 42 percent – to a record $286.5 billion. This isn’t to say that Congress can’t reevaluate where existing funds are allocated. If bridge inspection is a priority, tax dollars should be shifted from less pressing projects. If just 1/25 of the funds that went to the 2005 highway bill’s 6,500 earmarks (totaling 9 percent of the total cost) were devoted to bridge repair, the new spending in H.R. 3999 would be more than offset. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to shell out another dollar until Congress gets its transportation spending priorities straight."

"Roll call votes against H.R. 3999 will be significantly weighted in our 2008 Rating of Congress."

It's the same story all over again. Taxpayers tighten their belts at home while politicians whip out the credit card.