Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greg Stumbo whines his way to prosperity

Ryan Alessi picked up Saturday on a 2005 law I may have mentioned once or twice. Great job getting this quote from Representative/former Attorney General/future pension glutton Greg Stumbo:
"Stumbo said he doesn't have a problem with lawmakers receiving generous pension benefits.
”The General Assembly is a full-time job with part-time pay,“ he said."


That's pretty rich coming from someone who has spent decades scheming for new ways to gorge himself at the public's expense.
From the 7-22-2005 Big Sandy News:
"Last week, Stumbo said in a statement that he did not have to register his businesses although the AG's consumer protection divisions advises people to do business with licensed and registered companies.
"The Attorney General's strong leadership on consumer protection issues is obviously unaffected by these facts," spokeswoman Glass said in a written statement.
Stumbo did not address a question from the newspaper about whether it is a conflict to develop lots on the golf course because while Stumbo was a state legislator, he helped secure millions in state and federal funds to develop StoneCrest which will also have recreational grounds."