Thursday, October 25, 2007

LFUCG Actions Louder Than Their Words

The old saying about following the money applies to just about anything that happens these days. The Fayette County Detention Center prisoner abuse scandal is no exception.

Consider this: we have two prison guards placed on leave, one with pay and one without. One has been arrested amid charges of extorting money from a jail inmate and the other is an FBI informant with whistleblower status whose bravery in the line of duty sparked a federal investigation that has taken an entire year so far involving an ongoing grand jury investigation. So which one do you keep paying a salary and which one do you strip of salary and status and try to crucify in the media?

Me too.

Lexington is, of course, paying the thug and screwing the whistleblower. Any guesses as to how much this gaffe might wind up costing the city's taxpayers? They can keep their "no comments" coming, we've heard all we need to hear.