Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beshear Defines Down Immorality

Steve Beshear spoke in Winchester yesterday.

From the Winchester Sun story:

He described the Fletcher administration as "immoral" for failing to support thousands of Kentucky children without health insurance and seniors who must choose between buying food or prescription medication.

Beshear is going to have a long four years in Frankfort, given his promises not to raise taxes, to repeal the LLET, and to pass casino gambling. The legislature will only allow him to repeal the LLET and they will force him to live without casinos and with tax increases.

Also noteworthy is that Beshear scrubbed the Sun story of criticism of his ethics. On Beshear's site where you get an ellipsis, in the paper you see this:

Embroiled in an ethics arms race with the Fletcher administration, Beshear has been accused of engaging in unethical conduct when serving as an attorney during the liquidation of Kentucky Central Life Insurance Co. He has also endured criticism for his support of expanded gambling.