Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Virtual Campaign Of John Edwards

The Edwards for President blog ad flashes the words "Iraq. Poverty. Energy. Universal Healthcare. Global Warming. Join Us."

It will be interesting to see how long Edwards or any other Democrat can keep this up. He is trying to build a campaign in 2007 by pretending that it is still 2006. When Democrats were in the minority, they could get away with just throwing rocks. I'm not saying shallow campaign slogans can't win the Presidency, but if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can't deliver more than empty promises in 2007 it will be more difficult for Edwards and friends to stay that course in 2008.

So what could be the issue that carries one Democrat hopeful to the nomination for the White House? Probably Universal Healthcare. Watching the various candidates trot out their plans for a government takeover of medicine could be very interesting. I can see it now: Edwards takes the Canadian model, Hillary goes for Belgium, and which way will Obama go?