Thursday, January 11, 2007

Indiana Gambling Expansion On Steroids

Gambling-for-tax-revenue enthusiasts want to put slot machines in 3500 new locations in the Hoosier State.

What's interesting is that even the Louisville Courier Journal sees this gambling revenue deal doesn't work as well as promised.

The last sentence in the editorial -- "There would be more losers than winners." -- is obviously true, but also misses the point. The point is there is far more losing than winning. Taxpayers wind up getting hosed in these set-ups. And the proliferation of illegal gambling is a pretty poor excuse for capitulation to gambling interests. Illegal gambling hits government once when problem gamblers and their families wind up on the dole. Legal gambling hits government twice -- once when families get wiped out and once more when new gambling revenue gets spent on politician-enhancing projects instead of on cleaning up its own mess.