Monday, January 01, 2007

Back Door Benefits Scam Will Fail

Unmarried University of Kentucky employees currently pay $25 per month for full health insurance benefits. If the Rainbow Alliance has its way, these same single employees will be able to add a boyfriend or girlfriend to their plan -- the administrators at UK are spending your money, so they don't care which -- for a mere $221 per month.

The real cost for a single plan is $380 per month. Since the real PPO premium for an employee's spouse and children is $568 ($948-$360=$568) and with the combined credit the total monthly cost of adding a non-spouse partner and children would be only $126 per month ($151-$25=$126), this whole "homosexuals are more creative than straight people" scam really just amounts to clamoring for a $5304 a year sex-based goody($568-$126*12=$5304) per domestic partnership. Being as compassionate as they are creative, the homosexual ones of course don't mind demanding more taxpayer dollars to give the same goody to their less creative, but also unmarried, fellow employees.

House Speaker Jody Richards is basking in the glow of liberal blogger love for now, but when this whole thing is viewed properly as just another money grab, even the politicians in Frankfort will come to their senses on this one.