Friday, January 19, 2007

Howard Dean, Call Your Office

Lexington businessman Dick Robinson sounded like a pretty nice guy earlier in the month when he talked about running for Secretary of State in Kentucky. He even said his foray into politics was "not a reflection on Trey Grayson" and hoped to continue some of Grayson's innovations.

Today, though, Dr. Dick went Deaniac, earning accolades from the far left when he said:

Unlike Mr. Grayson, I will not require a judge’s order to know not to attempt to certify a citizen of Indiana as the winner of a Kentucky legislative election.

Here Dr. Dick shows that he is just hopping on the D Train and hoping to ride it all the way to Frankfort. Grayson is one member on the Board of Elections and only votes in the event of a tie. The vote Dr. Dick is talking about was 6-0.

Not the best start for a statewide campaign.