Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Treated Like A Minimum Wage Worker

With all the noteworthy things going on in the world, Rep. Ben Chandler has a "constituent survey" on his website asking central Kentuckians if their mouths water at the hailing of the Democratic Party's favorite talking points.

Large majorities of voters support raising the minimum wage because they don't think it affects them in any way. But no one can justify making it the top economic development idea for the Democrat Congress. Middle class teenagers rejoice, but otherwise we all pay for a big government feel-good move that does nothing to impact poverty in America.

The second question asks if you "favor embryonic stem cell research." What Rep. Chandler means to ask is if you prefer spending even more of your federal tax dollars on research that, if only it showed any real promise, would have already been overwhelmed with private research dollars. Think about that.

As the hanging of Saddam Hussein puts things that are actually happening in Iraq back in the spotlight, we deserve better leadership on domestic issues than this.