Thursday, December 28, 2006

Privatize, Privatize

Democrats found out in 2005 that "privatizing" Social Security didn't poll well and they succeeded in selling the idea that adding optional personal accounts to the money-losing program would somehow send packing all the bureaucrats who run the federal entitlement.

Well, things change in politics. It is certainly early, but I think we need to start talking in earnest about all the government functions in Kentucky that would benefit from privatization. If we change the focus from "government is a great service provider" to "but it costs too much in the long run," we will then find the will to alleviate most of the structural imbalances we face.

Roads should be first. Just look at what Indiana has done.

Since the biggest problem our state government has is paying for state employees' retirements, it seems reasonable we should not be looking for more things for the state government to do.