Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome, Lexington Herald Leader Readers!

The new year is going to be pivotal for conservative people in Kentucky. The General Assembly starts next week and the action will not slow down even a little bit until the elections in November.

It's noteworthy that nearly every Democrat from Pikeville to Paducah is busily trying to cover himself in "conservative" clothes -- just like Extreme Makeover Hillary!

Top priorities for Frankfort over the next three months include enacting anti-union protections for workers, saving taxpayers dollars with prevailing wage legislation, saving Medicaid, and changing how we handle our education spending and prioritization. Also have a little issue about cutting taxes on business. It will be a wild time.

Conservative people have taken a beating in the media this past year. This is our time to stand up for our principles and take our cities, towns, counties, state, and even our nation back from those who are just as happy to see us cave in to those who would see us ruined all in the name of not hurting some pervert's feelings (or worse, a terrorist's).

I think the first order of business for conservatives in 2006 is taking a stand and shutting down the NBC television show "The Book of Daniel." The network's own promotional materials show this to be a ridiculous depiction of "Christians." That is bad enough, but its characterization of our Lord, Jesus Christ, as some kind of smart aleck is beyond the pale. Call your local NBC affiliate and tell them not to air the show.

Happy New Year!