Friday, December 23, 2005

Suck Up: Radio Talker Supports Outspoken Dem

WLAP's Dave Baker had liberal blogger Mark Nickolas on his show this morning talking politics. Nickolas, at the end of the interview, asked Baker if he would support Rep. Ben Chandler in his 2007 re-run for Governor.

Baker took the softball pitch and twisted himself up like a pretzel, claiming that he wouldn't duck the question but that he would have to examine Chandler's voting record in Congress before he could "make an informed decision."

I have sent Dave Baker problematic voting record information of Chandler's on taxes, government spending, social issues, and even the most recent votes against increasing US energy independence repeatedly and AT BAKER'S REQUEST.

We have come to expect kid glove treatment of Democrats like Chandler from mainstream talking heads. I don't know how much of a role sheer laziness played in Baker's tacit endorsement of Chandler, but it seems almost like CNN's resistance to report about Saddam Hussein's misdeeds in order to maintain access.