Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Central Kentucky Initiative: Disband LFUCG

Three decades ago, Lexington activists organized an effort to create the Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Government with the slogan "The Urge to Merge."

After three years of Mayor Teresa Isaac's relentless pursuit of a liberal agenda, now is the time to purge the merger. Lexington should go back to a regular city government and Fayette county should go back to a regular county government. That way, the power of the Mayor's office will be diminished in favor of the people of Fayette county. Centralized power is something our nation's founders wanted to limit.

For the good of all Kentuckians, we should seek the same.

The political environment in Louisville probably isn't as conducive to such a change, as they just recently merged their city and county governments. But people in Lexington, especially those who want to stop the endless water condemnation fight, should be ready to take back their own voices by rolling back their merged government.