Thursday, May 26, 2016

Steve Beshear too stupid for even Associated Press

After news came out about Kentucky Obamacare health premiums shooting even higher in 2017 as federal reform continues to fail, former Gov. Steve Beshear sent a statement to the Associated Press claiming rates are going up because Gov. Matt Bevin is shutting down Kynect.

No one fell for it.

Associated Press reporter Adam Beam called up the largest remaining ObamaCare insurer -- Anthem -- and they told him the same thing they reported in their 22.9% rate increase filing, that rates are going up because Obamacrat claims of "bending the cost curve downward" continue to be false and that shutting Kynect has nothing to do with it.

"When even loyal Frankfort reporters stop short of carrying ObamaCare water, it's clear things have gone completely crazy," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Steve Beshear belongs in jail for going around the Kentucky General Assembly to illegally force us into ObamaCare and he deserves a strait jacket for his increasingly bizarre displays."