Friday, May 13, 2016

Matt Bevin gives Steve Beshear the runs

Gov. Matt Bevin not only put Obama and the leftist open bathroom patrol in their proper place amid the latest craze to force your children onto display for every pervert turning public restrooms into a trans-gendered political petting zoo, he implicitly welcomed former Gov. Steve Beshear to the controversy.

"Under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the federal government has no authority to interfere in local school districts' bathroom policies," Bevin said. "The President is not promoting unity. In fact, he is doing quite the opposite."

"Obama's insane predilection for expanding government's jurisdiction and Steve Beshear's habit of routinely hounding Gov. Bevin's moves create the perfect storm for Beshear to be made to weigh in on this," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "On the issue of exposing your children for political points at their most vulnerable moments, is the Commonwealth's highest ranking leftist a Kentuckian or a Democrat?"