Thursday, May 26, 2016

ObamaCare crushes Kentuckians again in 2017

Health insurance premium rate increase requests are in for 2017 and it's more bad news for ObamaCare supporters and their victims. The average rate increase for Kentucky's three largest insurers is set to be 25.7%, according to the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

Anthem, by far the largest remaining ObamaCare insurer, has filed a 22.9% rate increase and Humana filed 33.7%. CareSource filed 20.55%.

"Whether they admit it or not, everyone recognizes now that Kentucky politician Steve Beshear illegally forced Kentucky into ObamaCare and this latest evidence confirms yet again we should have fought it every step of the way," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Shutting down Kynect, as Gov. Bevin has promised to do, and repealing certificate of need, which he has not yet addressed, start the long process of fixing what politicians have destroyed in Kentucky healthcare."