Friday, October 31, 2014

Kentucky Dems still faking Obama-enthusiasm

Associated Press Frankfort Bureau chief Adam Beam wrote an article today about Kentucky's ObamaCare premium increases on the vast majority of people signed up on the illegal ObamaCare "exchange and Gov. Steve Beshear still can't give a straight answer about the mess he has made.

Obamacrats have insisted since the beginning of ObamaCare that any judgments on the program's performance are either premature or too difficult to do, or both, unless the judgment is positive toward them or their mess. Beshear tried to explain away massive rate increases coming in 2015 by claiming that because rate increases vary from case to case that they can't really be discussed.

The vast majority of people who purchased exchange health plans in 2014 are facing at least a fifteen percent rate increase in 2015. We know that much. Beshear also very helpfully explained that one person with a sixty dollar subsidized monthly premium and a six percent rate increase would face only a $3.60 a month hike, if their subsidy stays the same.

That's a huge "if" combined with a hypothetical that doesn't apply to anyone. Besides, should their subsidy be decreased or go away completely, someone in a similar hypothetical situation could see their premium increase two hundred dollars a month or more.

While I'm glad to see one Frankfort reporter at least take a stab at this story, the lack of journalistic seriousness devoted to ObamaCare remains quite disappointing.