Monday, November 03, 2014

Torch Frankfort's Pinocchio factory Tuesday

The best thing that can happen in Kentucky's elections this year is repudiation of Obamacrats generally and state House candidates supported by wild, false attacks by a group called Kentucky Family Values PAC specifically.

The Kentucky state House will never do anything to improve our plummeting fiscal fortunes, whether it's public pensions or mounting real budgetary deficits or improve our regulatory approach, economic policies or our broken judicial system with Greg Stumbo calling the shots. An avalanche of "Kentucky Family Values" sponsored advertising touting Democratic candidates as paragons of conservative virtue while maliciously slandering Republicans has blanketed the state in recent weeks by the same operatives who make a living attacking "big money Republicans."

The group's cartoonish propaganda is laughable to anyone paying attention, but we are counting on a lot of people to do their homework to see past the smokescreen. Fortunately, their nonsense was so over the top, a significant number of people have done just that.

"Kentucky Family Values" supports candidates with lies to prop up a failed ideology that has kept Kentucky corrupt and backwards for decades longer than it should have. Informed citizens will do well to make sure such left-wing Pinocchio factories waste their money.