Sunday, September 07, 2014

ObamaCare/Kynect still big loser here

Obamacrats have screamed for years that as soon as people understand ObamaCare, they will love it. They will scream it again Monday, citing a new NBC/Marist poll they claim shows Kynect, which is Kentucky's health "exchange" created illegally by Gov. Beshear in answer to passage of ObamaCare, gaining support.

Don't buy it.

The new poll shows ObamaCare way underwater with 31 percent holding a favorable view and 62 percent unfavorable among registered voters. Capitalizing on unfamiliarity with the name of the state "Kynect" program, ObamaCare supporters will point to a 34 percent positive view of Kynect against only 18 percent negative. What Obamacrats -- and journalists, but I'm repeating myself -- neglect to point out is that 30 percent answered they have "never heard" of Kynect and 18 percent said they were "unsure."

The only way to lower those last two numbers is to explain what Kynect is. It's ObamaCare. Worse, Kynect was created illegally and is currently spending unappropriated state funds in violation of the Kentucky Constitution. Both failures are currently being challenged in state court, another fact Obamacrats don't want to talk about.