Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kentucky public debt hits all-time high, grows $186.6 million in only six months

A new report issued quietly today by the Beshear Administration reveals a staggering increase in revenue supported state debt in the last six months. The increase of $186.6 million brought Kentucky's total of such debt to $9.1 billion.

When Gov. Beshear took office in December of 2007, that amount was $6.1 billion and the increase should have been lessened by an unprecedented $3.4 billion in one-time federal "stimulus" funds.

"This is why Kentuckians must band together to stop Gov. Beshear in his illegal ObamaCare charade," said David Adams, who is suing Beshear to stop his health reform efforts which have already been defunded by the legislature. "You stop a shopaholic by taking away his or her credit card. Beshear needs an intervention in the worst way."

These debt figures are available to the general public (and the media, but, oh never mind...) from the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet. Just ask for their ALCo semiannual report issued today.