Thursday, September 18, 2014

Earth to lefties: Alison Grimes is ignoring you because Kentuckians aren't that stupid

The political Left desperately needs Alison Lundergan Grimes to campaign on Kynect/ObamaCare to justify their misinformation. She can't do it because she wants to have a future in Kentucky politics after she loses in November.

They claim falsely that Kentucky's uninsured population has dropped by half under ObamaCare. They claim falsely that Kynect is a massive success. They claim falsely that Kentuckians love Kynect all based on the New York Times finding one Kentuckian who was glad to get Medicaid.

ObamaCare is bad economics, bad health policy and bad politics in Kentucky. Love to see an Obamacrat get raked over the coals for not being Obamacrat enough and it will be great to watch them get louder and shriller as they continue to be ignored. If Kentucky's mainstream media had any honest players left, there is a good story here and "but the people just don't understand how great ObamaCare is!" isn't it.