Friday, August 01, 2014

"Follow the Constitution" is GOP ticket in 2014

Republican candidates who want to maximize GOP voter turnout as well as attracting voters registered otherwise would do very well to focus on the rule of law and the ways in which their opponents fall short on that front.

A Tea Party Patriots poll of Republican voters across the country finds nearly all of them believe the most important issue involves a failure of government to follow the rule of law. The best answer from Democrats to complaints about their illegal tactics is to attempt to justify their actions.

Our prisons are full of people who, like these Democratic politicans, demonstrate failure to grasp why flouting constitutional and statutory restrictions on their actions is inherently bad.

Pointing this out repeatedly and keeping the discussion on opponents' problems with the rule of law should be fertile electoral policy any time, but seems to be especially so now.

For federal candidates, questions to ask involve your opponents' support for any number of the president's illegal and unconstitutional actions including asking why the opponent supports or does not support them. State candidates would do very well to look into Gov. Beshear's many illegal actions regarding ObamaCare implementation and question their opponents in a similar manner.