Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2015 GOP gubernatorial race's missing ingredient

Just got an email from the Hal Heiner for Governor campaign touting a 28-22 lead over James Comer. As much as I like Hal and appreciate his work particularly on education, it's pretty hard to miss the real news in the polling he mentions.

Hal isn't winning.

The headline on the campaign email says Heiner has "taken the lead" but the poll shows him either in 2nd or 3rd. If you throw Matt Bevin into the mix, the Hal is running behind "Not sure" and Bevin. If the race is between Heiner and Comer only, Hal trails "Not sure." By a lot, in both cases.

I'm not sure Matt Bevin will get into this race, but I know that if he did the first thing he would do is put up a web site with a page dedicated to explaining his positions on the issues. Hal has the only official campaign in the race but has yet to do that.

When the issues get the attention they deserve, there are several Kentucky candidates must address. Following state law and getting Kentucky out of ObamaCare is a total no-brainer. Dropping out of the federal "War on marijuana" is perhaps not as obvious yet, but it will be. Deregulating healthcare any way we can should be another easy one with quick, positive results -- starting with repealing certificate of need laws and reducing the scope of Department of Insurance regulation of health coverage. Opting out of federal control of public education must be a top priority of our next governor. Ending Kentucky's ridiculous corporate welfare game and seriously addressing public employee pensions are also winning ideas that can't wait for a champion.

We've suffered long enough under popularity contests and mud-slinging determining who runs our government. If you see a candidate or potential candidate ask them to get specific right away.