Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leftists trying to microchip subsidies into ObamaCare

ObamaCare opponent overreach is an unfortunately common frustration for those trying to fight the federal takeover of our healthcare system by steadily bringing in supporters based on undeniable facts. An example of this is the claim that ObamaCare calls for Americans to micro-chipped as part of the law.

Something like that was in an early version of the ObamaCare bill, but never made it into law.

The funny thing is ObamaCare apologists freaking out over the idea that they might be held to the actual language in the law and not what their intentions are have taken up the same tactic of trying to distract people by quoting from old versions of the ObamaCare bill.

Greg Sargent, a Washington Post columnist, makes the silly argument that we have to ignore the language in the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" and run ObamaCare taxes and subsidies in states that opted out of setting up an exchange because an earlier version of the bill said something about taxes and subsidies flowing through both federal and state exchanges.

I've been explaining to friends for the last few years that ObamaCare doesn't require insertion of microchips, but as fast and loose as Obamacrats are with the rule of law maybe we can't be so sure.