Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Held hostage in Kentucky

It's been a week since I asked Kentucky Deputy Budget Director John Hicks to his face where he got the $37.4 million dollars to spend on the state ObamaCare exchange and under what legal authority he was spending it since the legislature almost unanimously voted in March to prohibit any such spending.

He has failed so far failed to respond. Maybe we should be worried. Perhaps Mr. Hicks has fallen ill and can't answer his email. Maybe he is being held hostage and can't answer because his head is wrapped in duck tape.

More likely, this sorry episode merely demonstrates the depravity of our state government and it is we who are being held hostage by a rogue governor and his army of overpaid minions. I would call the media, but they live too far up Gov. Beshear's rectal cavity to notice the stench of his actions. I would call whichever Republicans wield influence in Frankfort, but they are mostly too afraid of Beshear's popularity to mount any form of sustained protest.

So I come to you for help. Please forward this message as widely as you can and tell your friends to do the same. Please also contribute whatever you can afford to the fight, by clicking here to donate, so we can keep going.

The Kentucky Supreme Court is on vacation this month. We desperately need them to clarify the law for Gov. Beshear and his fellow Obamacrats when they come back to work. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease and let's keep getting louder and louder.