Friday, June 06, 2014

Rand Paul and McConnell botching ObamaCare fight

You know it's getting bad when Rhode Island Public Radio is making fun of your two Republican U.S. Senators for going squishy on ObamaCare.

Former WFPL Louisville reporter Kristin Gourlay reported the following last night:

"What's curious, though, there is that some of the most vocal opponents of ObamaCare represent Kentucky in Congress and even they have kind of shied away from attacking the exchange because it has worked so well."

She's right that McConnell and Paul have "shied away" on this issue and most observers are forced to conclude, as Ms. Gourlay did, that their weakness implies approval. This needs to be fixed quickly.

Also in her report, Ms. Gourlay said: "Kentucky had already made a decision about how to pay for its exchange, they are charging insurers a fee, basically."

Actually, Gov. Beshear has claimed falsely that federal funds will pay for the exchange over the course of the next state budget and that is why he did not object to the legislature defunding it. So which is it, Governor, is the federal government paying for it or did you create a new tax somewhere without telling the legislature or anyone else except some reporter in Providence?

If Senators McConnell or Paul want to be of any assistance in fighting ObamaCare anymore, right here would be a great place to start.