Thursday, June 19, 2014

HHS calls $3168 ObamaCare subsidy a "success"

A new Health and Human Services report claims data compiled from state ObamaCare exchanges shows the federal takeover of healthcare in America is "working," but uses ridiculous methodology to arrive at that conclusion.

The report finds an average monthly per person health insurance premium in states on the federal exchange of $346 and claims success because nearly seventy percent of plans are subsidized with federal dollars leaving an average monthly net premium of $82 for that segment of the ObamaCare population.

The report quotes HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell saying "the Marketplace is working. Consumers have more choices and they're paying less for their premiums."

Jacking premiums up to an average of $346 a month and touting the necessity of a $3168 annual federal subsidy (346 - 82 = 264; 264 x 12 = 3168) as evidence the "Marketplace is working" could only fly in the la-la land in which Obamacrats celebrate each others' brilliance.

Can't be long until Kentucky's brain-dead media starts cheering this on as well.