Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Courier Journal shoots for 2014 "lie of the year"

Louisville Courier Journal writer James R. Carroll thinks you are stupid.

In a story this morning about Gov. Steve Beshear speaking in Washington D.C. about ObamaCare in Kentucky, Carroll wrote the following:
"The governor called the state health care exchange known as kynect "highly successful," enrolling 421,000 Kentuckians — with 75 percent of them receiving coverage for the first time in their lives."
The governor is entitled to any opinion he wishes to express, but not ridiculously false numbers. And for Carroll to repeat them without attribution, credibility or apparently any thought at all takes the Courier's shockingly poor reporting on the subject to a new level.  The 421,000 enrollment figure is now two months old. There are now well over 500,000 Kentuckians signed up, nearly all of them in unaffordable and unsustainable Medicaid.

And the part about 75 percent of the recipients having never had coverage "in their lives" is not something I've even heard Beshear say. This is so stupendously false a claim that I can't imagine it being surpassed in 2014 in Kentucky and perhaps only nationally by the IRS' "dog ate our emails" whopper.

The only question that remains about this Kentucky ObamaCare lie is if it was told by Beshear or by the Courier Journal's James R. Carroll.

UPDATE: Just spoke with the Courier's Mr. Carroll who said Beshear is the one selling the absurd 75% figure. Here's hoping he clarifies his article to separate himself from this very big lie. Meanwhile, the Beshear administration should be asked often to provide any kind of documentation they have. Hint: there is none.