Friday, November 01, 2013

State thugs merely "providing new versions"

The Courier Journal screams 32,000 lucky Kentuckians have enrolled in ObamaCare in its first month, but you really should read the story, which tells a different story.

A great line: "Officials said 'enrolled' does not necessarily mean purchased."

We also learn from the story that "more than 85 percent of enrollments have qualified for expanded Medicaid." And since ObamaCare makes it illegal for anyone who qualifies for Medicaid to buy health insurance on an exchange, that means still fewer than 5000 Kentuckians have even enrolled.

And then there is this:
Tea Party activist David Adams, who has sued in an attempt to stop Kentucky’s health exchange, said the sign-ups were nothing to celebrate, given that more than 600,000 uninsured Kentuckians are eligible for coverage.
“If this was a no-brainer salvation for the state, you’d be seeing more people purchasing coverage,” he said.
He also said that nearly 300,000 residents are seeing individual plans discontinued because of Obamacare’s insurance requirements, and in some cases offered only more expensive options.
Kentucky Department of Insurance officials said those people aren’t being dropped, but rather offered new versions of their plans. They can also choose to shop for a new plan on the exchange.

I actually love this. Those 300,000 Kentuckians getting cancellation notices from their insurance companies mandated by ObamaCare should be very relieved to know that they haven't been "dropped," but merely given a "new version" of coverage with features they don't want and premiums far in excess of their former plans.

The applicability for this kind of government word game is practically endless. Your taxes aren't going up, you are being offered new versions of poverty. Your rights aren't being infringed, you are being offered new versions of force.

Remember, we get the kind of government we tolerate.