Monday, November 18, 2013

Beshear caught in ObamaCare trap

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear now has a choice to look like an idiot or a Scrooge. Health insurer Humana has quietly jumped at Beshear's offer to protect Kentuckians from crazy unaffordable health insurance in 2014, filing a rate increase request with the state for less than 8% -- one-tenth its approved request under ObamaCare mandates.

So right before Christmas, Beshear's Department of Insurance can either cave in on his ruinous, politically charged support for ObamaCare and grant the request or tell the hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians displaced by ObamaCare to eat cake.

If he grants the consumer-friendly Humana policy request, those rates will be lower than rates on the exchange even with the greatest federal subsidies, effectively killing the Kentucky ObamaCare exchange. If he refuses, public support for the ObamaCare fiasco -- and for Beshear -- will fall even faster.

We can't hold our breath waiting for the media to report this. Please support the effort to get word about this out to the people of Kentucky by clicking here and donating what you can.