Friday, November 01, 2013

Beshear tries to move ObamaCare goalpost

While President Obama was pilloried this week by national media just figuring out he had lied to them about people being thrown off their insurance plans and forced into much more expensive ObamaCare, it nearly escaped notice that hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians face the same catastrophe.

CNN singled out Kentucky as one of the worst states for this man-made disaster, but ObamaCare cheerleaders in Kentucky's media were too busy waiting for marching orders from Gov. Steve Beshear. Today, they got them: change the definition of success.

We know Kentuckians have been very hesitant to embrace ObamaCare by actually purchasing it or even accepting the "free" Medicaid expansion. Beshear knows we know too, but he still hopes we are stupid and not paying attention.

"The hundreds of thousands of web site visitors proves that Kentuckians are not only interested in affordable healthcare, they can't wait to get it," Beshear said today. "I've been traveling the state along with members of my Cabinet to encourage citizens and businesses to find out about affordable healthcare coverage. Through the Affordable Care Act, we will make healthcare available to every single citizen of this Commonwealth."

Someone should introduce the Governor to the concept of a "conversion rate." Attracting visitors to the ObamaCare web site but converting only a very few into becoming customers -- even for a free product -- would create concern in the mind of anyone in the private sector. Beshear wants you to see it as proof of success, but there is no legitimate way to do so.

And before anyone else touts growing numbers of customers for Kentucky ObamaCare, lets realize that the first 300,000 or so that they wind up with wouldn't have been shopping for new coverage at all if the federal healthcare takeover law hadn't first kicked them to the curb. At its current rate, it would be years before Kentucky ObamaCare simply gets us back up to the number of insured Kentuckians we had before ObamaCare,  much less covers "every single citizen."

Go back to trying to silence concerned citizens, Governor.