Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Judge slaps down Lexington Police, Prosecutor

Fayette Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine struck a blow for the rule of law Tuesday by ruling against local law enforcement thugs in their nine month torment of a Lexington business.
Goodwine dismissed bizarre claims of the Fayette County Attorney that police can simply barge into a local business and illegally confiscate a quarter of a million dollars of property.

Goodwine ordered police to return the property stolen last August from Ginny Saville, owner of Botany Bay on Winchester Rd. Much of it was destroyed in the summertime smash and grab operation by police and the rest probably hasn't fared well stuffed in a warehouse all this time.

Lexington taxpayers will be held responsible for these illegal actions of Lexington Police in an upcoming civil lawsuit. Local politicians have made this worse by resisting to take necessary actions to ensure police operate within the confines of the law, mostly because local media doesn't call any of them on their nonsense.

Sadly, no one thinks he will be a victim of extreme official misconduct such as this until it happens. This is a perfect example of why we must protect the Liberty of all people, all the time. Spend even an hour in a local courtroom and you are fairly likely to see how the system feeds on victims who never thought it could happen to them either.