Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Herald Leader edits in error to ObamaCare story

Lexington Herald Leader reporter Jack Brammer attended yesterday's first hearing in the Adams v. Beshear case challenging the legality of the ObamaCare state-run health insurance exchange in Kentucky. He filed his report around midday, accurately and fairly depicting the morning's events as I read it.

Then it was brought to my attention in this morning's paper that his story contained a key factual error that, if believed, could damage our case to hold Gov. Beshear accountable, shut down the ObamaCare exchange and prevent future governors from attempting to abuse the lawmaking process.

The offending sentence reads as follows: "The exchange will be financed entirely with federal dollars until Jan. 1, 2015, after which Beshear has saiid iit will be wholly financed with revenue it generates."

This is not true.

The federal Affordable Care Act explicitly says each state with a state-run exchange must create and run a "Navigator" program as part of the exchange. It further explicitly says such programs can not be funded by federal money. To enact the required Navigator program during the open enrollment period starting October 1, 2013, state funds must be used.

The false statement is one Gov. Beshear keeps repeating, though not enough to make it true. As of 4pm Tuesday, the Herald Leader has failed to correct their error. That is a shame: