Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steve Beshear's new ObamaCare decision

Leaders in both chambers of Kentucky's General Assembly have agreed to pass language protecting employer associations across the state from the mess we call ObamaCare. The bill will go to Governor Beshear as either HB 365 or as House Floor Amendment 1 to SB 152.

Either way, this legislation speeds up the implosion of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (KHBE). So the choice for Gov. Beshear is this: shut down the KHBE now -- or at least create a partnership with the federal government so they share more of the cost and blame -- or veto this language, harming more Kentuckians sooner directly as a result of the federal "Affordable Care Act."

All the more reason to join us this Thursday in Frankfort for the advisory board meeting of the KHBE. They should be talking about the massive new, illegal taxes on Kentuckians to pay for this ridiculous scheme. And by then, they may have to discuss how Gov. Beshear and the legislature just made their ride on the big government gravy train a much shorter one.