Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muhlenberg KY Schools breaking state gun laws

Muhlenberg County Public Schools' current Employee Handbook contains the following passage which conflicts with state law:

This policy can be found on page 23 of the handbook. Specifically, this violates KRS 527.070(3)(a) which allows adults to possess weapons contained within a vehicle on school property, KRS 65.870 which forbids local government entities from regulating possession of weapons and KRS 237.016 which forbids disciplinary action against an employee for possessing a firearm in a vehicle on the property.

Any questions?

Muhlenberg County needs to fix this illegal policy to comply with state law without further delay. Please call Superintendent Dale Todd at (270) 338-2871 and tell him his gun policy breaks state laws, as he seems to be unaware.

Thanks for the heads up on this to Jarrod Douglas of 2A Squared -- Second Amendment Aware.