Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kentucky's ObamaCare "least risky" in America

If you haven't made it to one of the monthly meetings of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, you are missing out on a real trip.

The big news from Thursday's meeting is that federal regulators have deemed KHBE the "least risky" state ObamaCare program in the country. I'm not kidding.

Kind of like being the tallest deck chair on the Titanic.

In other news, officials announced a white paper on the state's "navigators" will be released in about two weeks. Of particular interest is the number of people expected to be called on to provide personal assistance for people who need help using the website that was supposed to make purchasing health insurance easier. That will be interesting, too.

And the question of where the actual money will come from to finance this boondoggle will now not be answered for several months. There are no indications KHBE will do anything but waste time and money.

Kentuckians should demand their legislators seek hard answers right away on the sources of funding to be used for the exchange. The continued delay is completely unacceptable.