Saturday, June 13, 2009

Live Blog Trey Grayson

Beginning his speech to the monthly Fayette GOP breakfast, Sec. of State Trey Grayson spoke in favor of Rep. Bill Farmer's tax reform proposal.

Good stump speech for someone starting a high-profile statewide campaign -- biographical, engaging, funny.

Said his Secretary of State office budget is ten percent lower than than when he entered office, despite many innovations. Said he has used cross-training to allow employees to work a four-day week without losing productivity. Spoke about clashing with and defeating then-Attorney General Greg Stumbo in a voter fraud case. Spoke about Attorney General Jack Conway dragging his feet on his AG opinion on gambling expansion.

Spoke in opposition to socialized medicine, calling the "public option" ruse a first step in that direction.

"Universal coverage is not necessarily a bad thing, but universal government coverage is a bad thing."

Spoke against the "cap and trade tax."

He also said "I think in our state we would welcome a nuclear power plant."

"I'm looking very seriously at this (U.S. Senate) race and I think next month will be a pivotal month in that decision."

Said that the key to economic growth in Kentucky involved straightening out the tax code and improving education.

Rep. Bill Farmer jumped in here and spoke about the waste of money in the school systems, mentioning the Kentucky Department of Education "black hole" caused by the problems with the MUNIS accounting system.