Sunday, June 07, 2009

KY GOP needs Virginia's guts on schools

Kentucky could take a lesson from Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell, who is pushing hard for school choice freedoms in his state. From his campaign web site:
"Speaking about Virginia’s educational challenges, McDonnell said, "Our goal in Virginia must be to ensure equal opportunity for a quality education. But for thousands of students in the Commonwealth these opportunities are inadequate - limited by the zip code in which they live, or limited by decisions of local school systems. We will not tolerate failing or underperforming schools in a McDonnell administration."

"I agree with President Obama: we need more charter schools in America. That need is particularly pressing in Virginia, where we currently only have four charter schools, one of the lowest numbers in the country."

Kentucky Democrats have been hesitant to cross the KEA on public charters. Our Republicans have nothing to lose and much to gain.