Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herald Leader's accuracy streak ends fast

It's pretty odd that in the same week in which we have seen decent reporting and opinion from the Lexington Herald Leader on House Democrats' casino scheming, we would see what is easily one of the worst, most misleading headlines of the year:

At least the story explains the plan really only involves spending "up to $700 million," despite the headline's ridiculous claim that it would "provide" it. That's the worst of journalism and a perfect example of why the paper's circulation keeps declining.

But the best part comes deep in the story with the following passage:

Don't know who wrote the bad headline, but this one is on the reporter and editors. Couldn't they find anyone to explain the joke? I thought everyone knew that it took seventeen years for the legislature to finally keep that promise. Maybe Rep. Flood doesn't know that since she was in California back when the lottery was fraudulently sold to taxpayers as a funding source for education. But the newspaper folks should know.

By the way, the Courier Journal did it right: