Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another victim for Ron Bishop

A corrections officer at the Fayette County Detention Center has distributed an email at the facility that will earn him the wrath of the secretive thugs running the place. From the email:
"Safety is the major concern. In the event that you are being assaulted by an inmate and I am on break, I will not be allowed to assist you, unless I am given approval by a commander. Understand that if I stop an assault or an attempt to take your life, without direct permission from a commander, I will be progressively disciplined. Keep in mind that we have been trained with a USELESS self-defense method and your hands are tied. PPCT does not protect you from multiple attackers, attackers armed with bladed weapons, or any of the mixed-martial arts that are wildly popular today. So while you wait for designated "responding rovers" and a few command staff, you will be forced to use an incompetent self-defense method. Regardless of the consequences, I will respond to all Signal 7s. DO NOT let our lives be left to the hands of ignorant operational orders."

"By NO means am I asking that we be irrational, irresponsible, or unprofessional. I am asking that we all take the proper steps to make the changes that we need. Whether you have faith in the CWA or not, I suggest that we file our grievances and use them until the option is exhausted. If the union is ineffective then we will act as corrections officers on our own behalf. If the problem persists we will go take it up the chain to LFUCG and stay persistent until an agreement can be made. Please, for the sake of making this a safe and enjoyable work environment, don't just turn a blind eye to the problem and hope that it passes, because it won't."

Rather than address the issues brought up by the officer who wrote this, Director Ron Bishop and friends will likely just fire him. And Mayor Jim Newberry will have no comment.