Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boone County's tax increase boondoggle

A microcosm of the national struggle for the heart and soul of the Republican party is happening right now in Boone County over a tax increase proposal that will be on the ballot.

The ballot language does seem a little vague:
The creation of a dedicated natural areas and parks fund (Park Fund) for the purposes of the purchase and maintenance of public parks, to improve water quality, to preserve forests and wildlife habitat, as well as to provide active parks and recreation services, in Boone County, Kentucky through an ad valorem (property) tax not to exceed two point two cents ($.022) on each one hundred dollars ($100.00) assessed valuation of all taxable property within the limits of Boone County?

It's not hard to imagine the "need" to raise more revenues for all those things might suddenly materialize.

The battle lines have been drawn.