Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shades Of Barbara Erwin

The Louisville Courier Journal has a story about the Kentucky School Board loading up Commissioner Jon Draud's compensation with a bunch of sick days.

The "money" quote:
“Right now, I don’t have any sick or vacation time,” Draud said. “I don’t anticipate anything, but if I were to get sick, I would have nothing to fall back on.”

That should go over pretty well with the teachers.

Can't help remembering the dust up our last Ed Commissioner Barbara Erwin had about getting larded up on sick days.

Is it just an interesting coincidence that this little goody was slipped into HB 470 yesterday?
Notwithstanding any statute to the contrary, the executive branch of government shall accept from the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System all accrued annual and sick leave balances and service credits of employees leaving the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System and accepting appointments within the executive branch.

That's a pretty expensive benefit to be dishing out to political appointees or, in this case an appointee) when school districts are talking about laying off employees.