Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lawmaker, Lawmaker, Give Me A Clue

In separate news stories today, we have young people getting involved in the legislative process. Unfortunately, they are both going about it in a way that misses the mark.

Matthew Spicer of Frankfort has put together an automated external defibrillator bill that will give the Kentucky Department of Education unwarranted control of private schools.

"Basically I want it in every public and private school in Kentucky," he said. "They should have AEDs and sporting practices and events."

If we want to mandate them in the public schools, that's fine. But the private schools probably all already have them, and don't need the state nosing around. Spicer and Graham should leave the private schools out of it.

Meanwhile, a Rockcastle county ten year old doesn't like high caffeine "energy drinks."

"I think it should be a law because there are a lot of kids that like them; they think it gets them up but it doesn't," Tate Clements said.

The fifth grader at Brodhead Elementary drank part of his sister's energy drink after hearing friends talk about the rush of energy the beverages can give.

"It was good at first but after a few minutes you start feeling all jumpy," Clements said.

A five minute discussion with this young man about liberty and purpose of laws would do him a world of good.