Sunday, September 24, 2006

Democrat Family Day In Frankfort!

Some highlights from today's big event:

Speaker of the House Jody Richards: "Ernie raised taxes on our small businesses with the AMC. We stopped that. That's not good policy."

So how did Kentucky Democrats stop that bad policy? By voting overwhelming for it, of course. Notice that Jody voted for it as well.

Senate Candidate Jim Keller, former state Supreme Court Justice, speaking about Supreme Court candidate Mary Noble: "She is a yellow dog Democrat. Don't forget that when you go to the polls!"

And then Wesley Clark flew in from Mars: "Much of what has happened since 9/11 has been a cover-up." And then "President Clinton was a very fine Commander-In-Chief. He kept this country out of war."

But the funniest harangue came from congressional candidate Tom Barlow, who said: "We are delivering lower gasoline prices and when we take office in January we are going to bring peace to the Middle East peacefully, we are going to have affordable medical care and high paying jobs!"