Friday, September 09, 2005

Why We Can't All Just Get Along

A University of Louisville student and chairman of the school's Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee has attracted the attention of the Secret Service by calling for the assassination of President Bush.

Phillip Bailey writes on a website called The SOULution and, in addition to his non-violent activities, has written essays with titles like "I Really, Really Hate White People."

Bailey's comments were made in reference to looters in New Orleans. He said "I say shoot every cop, national guard and politician who stands in your way, INCLUDING GEORGE W. BUSH if need be."

If charged with making threats against the president, Bailey could face five years in prison.

I doubt this 21-year old kid will go to jail. Merlene Davis and Betty Baye will doubtless be welcoming him to the wonderful world of professional race-baiting all too soon.

While we all know normal people who can deal with racial differences without inciting riots, young people like Phillip Bailey help keep alive the bitter flame of hatred.

African Americans in increasingly larger numbers already know that selling out to the Democratic Party won't advance anything that matters. That's all these cartoonish verbal attacks on George Bush are about: whipping up the loyal Democrat base to hate Republicans.

This young man should wake up and realize that he can use his obvious talents to be much more than a token black columnist sell-out.