Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rare Bipartisanship Shines Light On Frankfort

A raging battle between the Bowling Green think tank Bluegrass Institute (the Courier Journal called them a "conservative propaganda mill") and Frankfort's Legislative Research Commission over online publication of legislators' voting records seems to have broken in favor of the public interest.

Legislators who have hidden behind phony labels for years will soon have to face greater scrutiny for their official actions.

The LRC today agreed to make complete voting records publicly available on their website January 3, 2006. This action comes after weeks of LRC intransigence in the face of repeated requests from the Bluegrass Institute to make the records available electronically. BI has put up a website at that will give citizens unprecedented ability to analyze their representatives' actions.

It took both Senate President David Williams and House Speaker Jody Richards to get this done. Kudos to both of them.